Hi, I'm Brian.

I’m a software engineer at Microsoft. I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto’s multidisciplinary engineering program, Engineering Science.


Outside of work, I always try to use my software engineering experience to give back. Here's a selection of some of my projects.

Volunteer teacher at TEALS

I've been a volunteer computer science teacher with TEALS for the past two years. At TEALS our mission is to use our professional expertise to teach computer science in high schools that lack a computer science teacher. Our goal is to partner with teachers and ultimately train them to understand the material as well. In my first year, I started as a TA for an introductory curriculum. Now I'm a co-teacher for an AP class. It's a real AP class where students will take the exam at the end. Volunteers do all the curriculum, teaching, grading, with support from TEALS staff and the classroom teacher. Teaching computer science is fulfilling, impactful, and challenging - and it's really given me an appreciation for the effort and time management skills required in a teching career!

CloudShows Front end

CloudShows was our university capstone project. I worked as part of a team of four to create a presentation solution aimed at improving the webinar experience. Instead of continuously sharing the entire screen in HD video, each terminal has a cached local copy of the presentation in original fidelity, ready to be annotated or saved for later use. CloudShows adds search and archive functionalities which store previous presentations and all associated annotations for future use. These archived presentations are indexed and searchable. I worked on the front-end, implemented in React and Redux for easy synchronization with a WebSocket-based backend.

YNCN Website

The You’re Next Ca­reer Net­work (YNCN) or­ga­nizes ca­reer de­vel­op­ment events tar­geted at stu­dents in the Uni­ver­sity of Toronto, and or­ga­nizes two of Toron­to’s biggest ca­reer fairs. From 2014-2015, I streamlined the internal career fair logistics system as well as the external-facing website. I changed what used to be a painstaking manual process to populate information on the website into just a few hours of work.

First Year Design Project: Green Bin

For our first-year design project, we were tasked to create a compost bin that was resistant to raccoon intrusions. After considering the needs of all stakeholders, we settled on a twisting lid design that was too wide for a raccoon to open.